Golden Transformation

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Acrylic on wood panel. The japanese celebrate Children’s Day by flying kites shaped and painted like carp (goldfish). This painting reflects a legend associated with Children’s Day. It is said that a golden carp swam bravely up a waterfall and at the top became a triumphant dragon. The Japanese, like all parents, want their children to share qualities of this golden transformation-courage, determination, and successful transition to adulthood. Frame Approx 13×17

Artist: Robin Gray

Retail Value: $225.00


Robin Gray retired from a career in ministry and social work in 2016. Since then, she’s devoted her time to: family and friends, gardening and art. She has shown her artworks at the Tallahassee Senior Center, LeMoyne Center for the Arts, and Southern Exposure Art Gallery. Robin has also expanded her horizons by teaching mixed media, colored pencil, and acrylics for the senior center.

Robin explains: “Chaos is my partner in creation. Each time I begin a work of art I want to share something from my experience…the play of light, unparalleled beauty in nature, or a small truth about the big world we share. Every painting is an act of creation I cherish but cannot fully control. Often on such a journey of discovery chaos erupts. Things do not go the way they should. At the end of the journey a partnership has formed and one facet of my limited vision of the world is revealed.”
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